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"All of our wines are hand crafted in small batches, and are best enjoyed poured over taste buds."

We are located in the beautiful Greenbrier River Valley in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  We planted our vines in 2006 and have been producing wine since 2011.  We obtained our license as a West Virginia Farm Winery in 2013 and launched our vineyard with a tasting at Old Spruce Cafe and Tavern at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, West Virginia in 2014.  Thanks, Lawrence!


We live on the vineyard with our three Great Pyrenees, one West Virginia Brown Dog, and assorted cats and goldfish.  The dogs keep deer and other animals out of the vineyard, and help us keep our sanity.  We love our behemoths.

The Wines

From grape growing, to harvesting, to wine making, bottling and labeling, it all happens here on the farm.  We produce one white and four red wines.  Our wines are aromatic, medium bodied and easy to drink.  They aren't sweet, but pleasantly dry and just a bit fruity.  As with most red wines, if you'll allow our reds to air in the glass, you'll be rewarded with a better flavor.  If you find robust wines too overpowering for you, please give ours a try.  All of our wines are hand crafted in small batches and are best enjoyed poured over taste buds.  Enjoy!

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